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Surfacing the Equine World

Provides the optimal balance of absorption & stability for your horse, giving you the perfect ride.

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Surfacing the Equine World

Provides the optimal balance of absorption & stability for your horse, giving you the perfect ride.

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High Performance Equestrian Arena Surface Fibre

Endurance Arena Fibre gives your horse the optimal surface for absorption & stability. Suitable for all equestrian disciplines, the fibres absorb impact, whilst providing the right amount of resistance, giving you & your horse the perfect ride. The surface fibres are drainage friendly, weather resistant & moisture retaining, so reduce dust.

Endurance carpet fibres are made from upcycled new carpet loom ends & are laboratory quality assured. Our arena fibres are made from pre-consumer carpet and meet all the Environment Agency's regulations - see Environmental Approvals here. They have NOT been used before, so do not contain carpet grippers, nails & other unwanted contaminants. Our fibres are rigorously tested for quality & are contaminant-free. Our carpet fibres are fully synthetic, resulting in long-lasting performance.

Choose from 'Endurance Standard' or 'Endurance Premium' fibre. Both types are of high quality & can be used in all equine disciplines. The Endurance Premium blend is ideal for surfaces with lots of users or arenas that major on Show Jumping, Round Pens, etc. Endurance Premium may also be chosen for courser sub-angular sands or for customers with a quality Equestrian sand wanting a tighter surface with even more stability than our standard fibre.

See our Prices Page for examples of typical supply costs of fibre only, or sand and fibre. For a more accurate quote including installation costs (if needed) or arena builds, contact us today to discuss your equestrian surfacing needs or get a quote here.

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Superb Performance

Provides stability & elasticity, with consistent impact absorption across all equine disciplines.

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Premium Features

Reduces freezing, drainage friendly, moisture retaining, minimal dust, mildew & rot resistant.

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Quality Assured

Laboratory tested. Contaminant free &
fully synthetic, with no organic material. Non-post consumer carpet fibres.

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Premium, long-lasting arena surface at low cost. Can be added to existing sand surfaces.

Equestrian Arena Surface - Carpet Fibres

Endurance's carpet fibres are to be used with sand, to provide an optimal equestrian arena surface. The fibres help provide greater stability & increased impact absorption, giving your horse the right balance of cushion & resistance, without sapping energy.

The fibres can be added to existing sand arenas, or used with new sand for a new arena surface. We offer fast delivery across the UK, delivering the carpet fibres in tightly packed bales. You can install the fibres yourself (see Arena Fibre Installation) or use one of our recommended installers.

The fibres aid all-weather riding, helping with drainage, moisture retention & dust reduction. Their insulating properties increase frost resilience & being fully synthetic with no organic material, they are mildew & rot resistant. Read more about Arena Surface Maintenance.

Our upcycled new carpet loom end fibres are pre-consumer carpet fibres & meet all the Environment Agency's regulations - see Environmental Approvals here. This means they have not been used as carpet so do not have the risk of dangerous objects such as nails and carpet grippers. Our carpet fibres are laboratory quality assured. Rigorous testing confirms no contaminants or organic material, so they can be trusted for quality & durability.

Customers Say…

Worked Wonders

Your fibre surface worked wonders for us mixed with our silica sand. Thanks again!

Gainford Sports Horses, Fenwick

Absolutely Fantastic Fibre

Absolutely fantastic fibre. Easy to handle, recycled but most importantly clean and free of any unpleasant additions. 100% well shredded fibre. After a recent experience with a different company’s fibre and the rubbish it contained, I was unsure, but I can fully recommend Endurance Arena Fibre. A great product and fantastic service. Thanks Chris and gang.

Sammie Fargher

Thank You

Thank you so much for coming and sorting our arena out so promptly. I think this rain should work its magic!


Absolutely Perfect

Thank you to Chris for providing our Endurance fibre to top up our existing surface in a speedy fashion from order point to delivery. The babies are loving it! Absolutely perfect.

Mechelle Sweeney

Overall Difference Is Amazing

First lesson underway now with great feedback and riding fab. Your fibre has made such an immediate difference considering there was poor quality fibre in there already, which may be of interest to people in a similar position. It looks 100% better… the overall difference is amazing. Thank you so much to Endurance Arena Fibre.

Alma Maher


We are pleased to be able to announce that Endurance Arena Fibre are merging with Beta-Ride Pro-Equestrian Services. We have worked alongside each other for a number of years and are now strengthening our resources by coming together.
Going forwards, Beta-Ride will take over. We will be offering the same great service from the same staff, so you'll still be dealing with the same familiar faces & knowledgeable crew. We'll continue to offer Endurance's high quality arena fibre via Beta-Ride, so nothing will really change.

Please visit Beta-Ride's website and change any bookmarks to Beta-Ride, as Endurance's website will be taken down in the near future.

We'll look forward to our continued relationships with our loyal customers.

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Endurance Arena Fibre Standard
Endurance Arena Fibre with Lycra